What is the process of trademark registration in Dubai?

Trademark registration in Dubai, UAE

Do you have an established brand selling top-notch products? Are substandard products being sold under your renowned brand name? The fastest and easiest way to stop this from happening is registering a trademark so that your intellectual property and your consumers are protected by law.

What is a trademark?

In simple terms, a trademark is a symbol or logo, or icon that can be used to distinguish goods or services provided by a specific company.

The UAE introduced trademark law in its Federal Law No.37 of 1992 on Trademarks. The primary objective of a trademark is brand recognition. Trademarks assure the consumers that products or the company holding the trademark are of a recognized brand and reliable quality.

Registering a trademark in Dubai is quite simple but it is important to get all the steps right. Let us tell you all about the process and answer the questions you’ll have if you’re looking to register a trademark in Dubai.

How do I check if a trademark is registered in the UAE?

Before you start your application for trademark registration, make sure it’s not registered by any other organization or individual. If another individual or company already registers the trademark, it cannot be registered for your business. You can use tools like Marcaria to search for existing trademarks online.

Where can I register a trademark in Dubai?

All the applications for trademarks in Dubai must go through the office of the Ministry of Economy. Registering a trademark not only puts you ahead of your competitors but also helps in boosting the value of your business. You can also contact the Ministry of Economy at 800-1222.

The application can be posted through the Ministry’s website. These are the few steps to be followed.
  • Go to the homepage and select “services”
  • Under services, select ‘e-services’ from the drop-down
  • Select ‘trademarks’
  • Click on “trademark registration”
  • Go to “new applications”

After filling the application, submit the documents mentioned below.
  • A copy of trade license
  • Trademark logo
  • Passport copy
  • Power of Attorney
  • Priority document
  • A list of products and services to be protected by the trademark
  • Other documents as required

How are trademarks protected in the UAE?

It’s important for foreign companies to register their trademarks to procure their rights and protect them. Registration of trademarks in the UAE is achieved with an application to the Trademark Section of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. By investing in such protection, A company will gain exclusivity over the rights by investing in such protection. Apart from that, a business can also register its trademark at UAE Customs.