Audit and Accounting

Full range of accounting and auditing services

We offer comprehensive services including accounting, auditing, VAT-related services, and a lot more to support businesses comply with the UAE tax and accounting laws. Our goal is to enable businesses to operate with ease and transparency in the UAE. 

Internal Audit

Internal auditing is a key strategy for an organization to monitor its governance and risk management processes and identify opportunities for improvements. Merging the knowledge and experience of our team with your organization, we will create a high-quality internal audit function that provides a competitive edge, improves business performance, and reduces risk. Our risk experts can identify, analyze, and assess risks and vulnerabilities in a variety of areas and recommend appropriate risk responses. Know More

External Audit

An external audit can help your business to prepare for a new venture, ensuring all the financial and legal aspects are in order. An external audit ensures that the company is complying with management accounting standards. External auditing minimizes the risk of fraud and helps to ensure that the company’s financial statements are accurate. The credentials of our auditors and the external audit process help protect you, your company, and your customers from fraud. Know More

Forensic Audit

Forensics audit is the process of examining the accounts of a business to uncover any irregularities and irregularities. Forensics audit is done by experts in accounting, law or both. Forensic auditing helps to measure the performance of a company. It provides an evaluation of the company’s assets, liabilities and net worth. We are committed to ensuring that your company is in compliance with all the audit and regulatory requirements. Know More

Fraud Investigation

With our fraud investigation services in Dubai, the business world has a fighting chance to reduce the number of frauds that are committed. Aceptive Corporate Services has the knowledge and skills to investigate and restore the integrity of a company’s financial records, identify fraud, and provide the evidence for actionable outcomes. Our services are designed to provide you with the expertise and skills that you need to combat fraud. Know More

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