Banking & Misc Services

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With over a decade of experience helping both individuals and businesses open bank accounts in Dubai, we can help you as well. We can guide you through the process and help you prepare all necessary documentation to facilitate an account application. 

Bank Account Opening

A company will require a bank account on incorporation as well as to conduct business. The UAE banking system is highly globally advanced and customer friendly. Banks are ready to provide investment and commercial bank account in Dubai based on the requirement of the customer. The process includes initially applying for the bank account, completing all required modules of corporate documents and after that, providing access to the bank account. Know More

Trade Finance

We offer our clients a full range of trade finance services that help minimize uncertainty, cost and potential risks involved in time delays or non-payment by suppliers or buyers. Our experienced trade finance specialists provide practical advice and guidance to businesses looking to navigate internationally and access a wide range of structured trade finance products customized to fit the unique needs of your business. Know More

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