How to set up a mainland company in the UAE?

The UAE and particularly Dubai as a city is making huge efforts to make it the most promising place in the world to start a business. Dubai Mainland is gradually becoming the most preferred destination to start a business venture.

Both the business opportunities and amenities make the Mainland an ideal destination to open a business. It’s interesting to note that in this process, you don’t have to pay any personal and corporate taxes. These special features make Mainland a favorable place for people who plan to set up or open their branch office.

The process of setting up a business in the Mainland is a bit complicated. To open a business on Dubai Mainland, you’d require profound knowledge and careful thinking about the procedures and marketplace involved. It’s important for you to have an experienced and knowledgeable legal team by your side to set up a Mainland company in the UAE.

Here’s everything you need to know about starting a Mainland company in the UAE.

What is a Mainland company in Dubai/UAE?

A Mainland company refers to an onshore company registered with the government authority of the concerned Emirate. The trade license for such a company is issued by the Department of Economic Development of the Emirate.

What are the benefits of a mainland company setup in Dubai?

There are many benefits of setting up a Mainland company in Dubai.

1. Liberty to grow your company and team – You can apply for unlimited visas for your employees, rent or lease office space easily, and grow your branches across the UAE.

2. Freedom to trade across Dubai and in the UAE – Setting up a Mainland company means no restrictions on with whom or where you can trade in Dubai.

3. Opportunity to diversify your offerings – A Mainland license provides an opportunity for your business and offerings to evolve.

4. Ability to trade internationally and expand your business – A Mainland license also gives you the opportunity to trade internationally and plan international expansion.

How do I start a company in Mainland Dubai?

Start with picking the right local service agent with years of experience in getting Mainland licenses. Trusted agents like Aceptive Corporate Services can help you secure the license in a hassle-free way. Your agents will get you started on the paperwork by getting the name of your company approved by the Department of Economic Development (DED). From checking location suitability, accessibility, and costs to getting all the legal approvals right, you can depend on your local agents to get the paperwork right to the last dot. Looking for a local agent in Dubai? Contact Aceptive Corporate Services today!